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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Need a New Kitchen Countertop and Splashback? Try Stainless Steel!

by Daniel Wilson

When it's time to update your kitchens countertops and splashback, or either one of these areas, you have a wide variety of choices available. While standard options like granite or a laminate may be popular, stainless steel is also quickly becoming a favorite for homeowners. If you've never thought about stainless steel countertops or splashbacks for your kitchen, note a few advantages and benefits this material offers.

1. Resiliency

In the kitchen, your countertops and splashbacks are exposed to a wide variety of materials and hazards that can stain or damage them. This can include anything from red wine and grape juice to coffee, oils, berries, and other foods, as well as hot pans. Stainless steel is very resilient; it resists staining and discoloring from foods as well as burn marks from heat. You can usually prepare food right on the surface of stainless steel without worrying about leaving stains or rings and can set down hot pans without worrying about burning the countertop, making it one of the most resilient materials available for kitchens.

2. Eco-friendly option

If you want an eco-friendly option for your kitchen, choose recycled stainless steel. The material is so strong and resilient that you can usually find pieces that have been recycled from old appliances, frames for buildings and other such pieces, and which have been cut and fabricated for use in your kitchen. This keeps those pieces out of landfills and also means not having to harvest virgin materials for your countertops and splashback. If you do decide to change your surfaces down the road, you know that stainless steel is easy to recycle, so your current materials also won't wind up in landfills either.

3. Lightweight

Some materials you might use in the kitchen, such as certain stones or poured concrete, can be very heavy. You may actually need to brace up the subfloor to support these materials. However, stainless steel is very lightweight and shouldn't need any added prep work to install, making it more affordable and a faster choice for your home than some other options.

4. Light reflection

In a smaller or darker kitchen, you want a surface that reflects rather than absorbs light. Darker shades of granite and certain laminates can actually make your kitchen seem smaller. However, if you choose stainless steel, this material will reflect light and make the space seem larger and brighter. It's a perfect solution to kitchens with poor overhead lighting or for smaller kitchens that you want to make appear as big as possible.

For more information, contact a local stainless steel supplier or manufacturer.