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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Restaurant Tips: How to Clean and Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator

by Daniel Wilson

If you have a commercial refrigerator in your restaurant kitchen, it is essential that you keep it in good working condition. This requires a combination of cleaning and maintenance tasks. Here are some tips to keep the refrigerator maintained so it continues working properly.

Check the Door Seals Often

One of the more important things to do with a commercial refrigerator is actually something many people forget about. The door seals, also called gaskets, help to keep the cool temperature inside the unit and keep the warm air out. If these seals start to wear out or get cracked, it might reduce how well the refrigerator stays cool. This can put your customers at risk as the food being stored in the refrigerator might spoil from getting too warm, especially if this commercial refrigerator is storing meat or dairy products. On a regular basis, open the doors and take a look at the seals. Make sure none of them are cracked or torn or looking otherwise worn. If they are, it is best that you contact a technician to take a look and possibly replace them.

Clear the Refrigerator Drains

Another aspect of maintaining your refrigerator for optimal use is clearing the drains. There are drains located at the bottom of the refrigerator, which can get clogged from crumbs, food debris, dirt, and dust. When this debris accumulates, it keeps condensation inside the refrigerator instead of draining out of the appliance. This can ultimately lead to a lot of condensation inside the refrigerator, which can then cause moisture buildup, low-quality of foods being stored due to the extra moisture, and issues with freezer burn. Make sure you check these drains regularly to be sure they are clear. Clean out any debris or food particles you find in the drains.

Clean the Inside and Outside

With a commercial refrigerator, you are not joust storing foods for your own use but for customers as well. This makes it extra important to have a clean refrigerator on the inside and out. Inside the refrigerator, you should be removing any food being stored with old dates. After doing that, wipe down the inside of the unit to clear away debris and get rid of any bad odours. On the outside, you want to clean the condenser coils, which are either behind or underneath the refrigerator. This will help keep the refrigerator's temperature at what the thermostat is set for. Also clean the fan blades, but be careful not to bend them.

For more information and tips, you may want to contact a local refrigerator installation or repair company.