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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Bird Netting as a Control Measure and Why It Is Important

by Daniel Wilson

If you want to create a physical barrier so as to prevent birds from nesting or landing, heavy duty bird netting can be your ultimate solution. Using this solution, you can also deter the birds from accessing areas where their presence is not desired.

The nets come in various forms depending on their application. For instance, solar panel exclusion nets are for protecting solar panels from pest birds and animals; stainless steel wire mesh nets for barring nuisance birds and animals; mist nets are designed for capture and release of small bird species, and garden netting for protecting hungry birds from devouring your crops. This article looks at the advantages of bird netting and why you should consider investing in it.

Health Concerns

When birds' droppings get into contact with your skin, they may cause illnesses. Pigeons for instance carry infectious diseases that they could transmit to you through their droppings such as flu, encephalitis, and paratyphoid. Through bird netting, you can keep the spread of these diseases at bay.

Protection of Vegetation

Since birds know that fruits, plants, and vegetables are food, they tend to peck on them. Underestimating their random damage can cause you to incur huge losses in the long run. Bird netting can help you protect your plantation so that your plants are always safely fenced away from the prying beaks of the birds.

Saving the Birds

Bird netting is eco-friendly and hence using it to protect your property doesn't kill the birds. What you are simply doing is covering up your location with the net so that the birds can stay away. Bird netting unlike other control methods doesn't eliminate or terminate the birds because they don't have any pesticides or dangerous chemicals used on them.

The Versatility

You can use bird netting on large spaces including plantations and building parks, as well as small spaces such as rose gardens and backyards. Farmers who want to keep off birds from destroying their crops can install these nets on agricultural farms. The longevity of bird netting depends on how well you use them and the material they are made of. That being said, most bird netting products last even up to 10 years.

With the variety of colours and materials they come in, bird netting gives you a wide range of choice depending on your budget. It gives you the most affordable and smartest way to repel birds.