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From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing

Factors to Consider When Specifying Balustrades for Your Home

by Daniel Wilson

Have you ever been disappointed after purchasing something that did not work in the way that you had thought it would? You can avoid a similar situation from happening to you when you order for a custom balustrade system for your residence. The following tips will help you to buy custom balustrades that will be perfect for your home.

Consider Size of Your Home

Balustrade systems should never be fabricated without paying due consideration to the size of a home. This is because the balustrades should fit into the overall design of your home seamlessly. For instance, it may be wise for you to acquire glass balustrades if you own a small home. This is because such balustrades would allow light to penetrate them so that the limited space looks bigger than it actually is.

The Weather

It is crucial to choose a balustrade system that is suited to the weather of your area. This is particularly true for balustrades that will be installed outdoors. For instance, it may be better for you to select powder-coated aluminium balustrades if you want to install them outdoors. Such a surface finish would be more durable when compared to painted aluminium balustrades. Harsh weather can easily cause the paint to deteriorate much faster than if that balustrade system were powder-coated.

Maintenance Needs

Compare the long-term cost of maintaining different balustrade systems before you make a final choice. Glass balustrades need to be cleaned frequently in order to free them from hand marks and stains. Bronze or brass balustrades need frequent polishing in order to maintain their shiny appearance. Aluminium balustrades require simple wiping with warm, soapy water in order to remove any grime that may have collected on their surface. In short, each material has its own cleaning and maintenance demands.

Magnitude of Traffic

The amount of traffic in the area where the balustrade system will be installed should also influence your choice of a balustrade system. For instance, aluminium balustrades may easily be dented if they are installed in a location (such as near a kitchen) where heavy objects (such as kitchen appliances) will be frequently carried. Those heavy objects can bump against the aluminium and cause it to get surface defects that can be seen easily. Wooden balustrade systems may be more suitable for use in such a location. This is because the wood may not easily show minor surface defects.

You will be able to order for the most appropriate balustrading for your home if you keep the information above in mind as you talk to your chosen supplier.