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Greetings! My name is Adam. I work in the advertising industry as a brand developer. I also teach surfing lessons and spend a lot of time volunteering with an animal hospital. When I was on a gap year, I took a job in a pen factory. Through that experience, I learned a great deal about how pens were made, but I also learned a lot about industrial work and manufacturing in general. In this blog, I plan to write about all aspects of these topics, and I hope that this information is interesting and informative to you. Please, grab a tea and start looking around. If you like my blogs, share them. Thanks.



From Beginning to Advanced: Blogs on Industry and Manufacturing


Unravelling the Benefits of Formatubes

When it comes to concrete work, the right form makes all the difference. That's where formatubes step in, providing a solid form that ensures well-structured concrete. But what else do they bring to the table? Let's dive into the benefits of formatubes. Understanding Formatubes Formatubes are cardboard columns used by contractors during concrete pouring. They prevent soil from collapsing and provide a mould for forming concrete structures. But their benefits extend beyond just these functional aspects.

Industrial Silica Dust Extraction Systems: A Guide

Exposure to silica dust is a common hazard in many industrial workplaces. Prolonged inhalation of silica dust can lead to severe health problems. Therefore, controlling silica dust exposure is crucial to ensure a safe working environment. This blog post takes a look at industrial silica dust extraction systems, their importance, key components and factors to consider when selecting an extraction system. Importance of Silica Dust Extraction Health Hazards  Inhalation of silica dust can lead to respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and silicosis.

Exploring the Role of Steam Boilers in Brewing

Brewing is an art that requires precision, consistency and expertise. While many factors contribute to producing great beer, one often-overlooked aspect is the role of steam boilers. Steam boilers play a vital role in the brewing process, providing heat, power and steam. Below, read about the significance of steam boilers in brewing, including their various functions and the impact they have on the quality and efficiency of beer production. Heating the Mash

Water Storage Tank: 4 Important Guidelines For Proper Installation

Correct installation is essential for the safe operation of a water storage tank. Therefore, if you have invested in a tan to harvest and store water for domestic, agricultural or commercial purposes, choose professional installation. Keep in mind that large tanks are difficult to handle. Moreover, incorrect placement could increase the risk of contamination, tank damage or structural failure. An expert will ensure proper setup for consistent performance. Here are additional tips for planning for water tank installation.

The Advantages of Installing Pipe Lagging

Pipe lagging is a thermal insulation material that is used to cover pipes. It helps to prevent heat loss and can also minimise condensation and noise pollution. Pipe lagging is available in a variety of materials, including fibreglass, polyurethane foam, elastomeric rubber and neoprene. This blog post will discuss the four benefits of installing pipe lagging. 1. Prevent Heat Loss One of the primary benefits of pipe lagging is that it helps to prevent heat loss from hot water pipes.

5 Solid Reasons to Invest in Steel Pallet Cages for Your Warehousing Requirements

Are your warehousing and storage needs giving you sleepless nights? Well, there are various considerations to making an informed purchase decision. Instead of opting for conventional wooden pallets, there are numerous advantages of choosing steel pallet cages. If you're still stuck with traditional pallets for your warehousing storage needs, this is the right time to shift your attention to steel pallet cages, and here's why. Resistant to Extreme Temperature Steel pallet cages can withstand extreme temperature variations in your warehouse.

Ensure Quality Results: Why Use A Metal Fabrication Service

If you own an industrial business and you rely on metal fabrication, now's the time to start outsourcing your projects. If you're like many business owners, you might think that you're better off handling metal fabrication on an in-house basis, but that might not be the case. This is especially true where quality, strength and durability are concerned. Before you continue with the practice of in-house metal fabrication, read the information provided below.

Hydrogen Peroxide Versus Platinum Cure Systems for Making Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses come with a set of peculiar chemical and physical properties. Each of these attributes contributes significantly to the type of tangible items that will end up in your hands. More importantly, they enable the materials to perform optimally in various specific industries. These could range from the pharmaceutical, medical, machine building, construction, food and power industries. The physiochemical attributes of your industrial hose pipes also count on the composition of the material and the process used to fabricate them.

Top Benefits of Buying an Automatic Labelling Machine for Your Production Facility

There are a lots of different ways that you can label the products that are made in your business, and you don't necessarily have to have an automatic labelling machine in order to label your products. However, this doesn't mean that buying an automatic labelling machine is not a good idea. These are some of the top benefits of having an automatic labelling machine to use in your production facility.

Warning Signs of the Need for Immediate Replacing of Your Industrial Boiler

As long as your industrial applications are heavily reliant on heat generation or power generation, your industrial boiler will play an indispensable role in the overall success of your business. Nonetheless, although this type of equipment is robust despite its heavy-duty operations, it is not invulnerable to eventual wear. And as an industrialist, you are obligated to know how to identify the gradual signs of damage so that you can be prepared to purchase a new industrial boiler as needed.

Top Things to Know About Scrapers for Industrial Use

Scrapers are commonly used in industrial businesses of many types, and they are commonly used for lots of commercial and even at-home applications, too. Of course, in order to get the best possible use out of scrapers, you should buy the right ones. These are some of the things that you should know when you are shopping for scrapers for industrial use of any kind. You Can Choose the Handle Type or Length

Why Your Export Pallets Should Be Made From Plastic

If your business relies on manufacturing and production, you need pallets for an assortment of applications. From distributing your products to warehousing, pallets are critical to the transportation and safe storage of your goods. However, with the myriad of options available, you may be confused as to which material will be best suited to your business. While timber and steel may initially seem like viable options, you may want to consider the benefits of leaning toward plastic pallets.

Tips for Producing Excellent Multiple Powder Coats

The benefits of powder coating over wet paint cannot be overstated. Powder coating has become a significant part of product finishing today.  Powder coaters are turning to multiple colour layers to stay ahead of the competition. The process is, however, not as straightforward as many people would want you to believe. Notably, if you go about the process the wrong way, you will end up with a poor finish on your products.

Safe and Tidy Airbrushing at Home

Creating a commission-based model airbrushing business will require the use of a variety of different chemicals and heavy-duty painting equipment. Protecting yourself, the floor and the equipment will enable to you paint multiple commissioned models without the fear of damaging your equipment or your home. Many airbrush artists opt to set up at home because it offers them the freedom to work in a comfortable environment, whilst saving money on studio rental fees.

Typical Sources of Water Loss and Reduced System Efficiency in Cooling Towers

By design, cooling tower systems use large amounts of water. The basic function of cooling towers is to absorb process heat and cool recirculated water to a desired temperature level. From a water efficiency viewpoint, it is best for you to maximise cooling tower water cycles. This is one of the effective ways that can be used to improve thermal performance and extend the service life of the equipment. The efficiency and longevity of the equipment relies upon the proper management of water recirculated within the system and the cooling tower design.

The 3 Home Improvements New Parents Won't Want to Live Without

Are you and your partner expecting your first little bundle of joy in the near future? If you're used to living child-free, there's a good chance your home isn't optimised for a new baby. First-time motherhood and fatherhood can be difficult, so here are 3 home improvement installations that could make your life easier. Residential Lift Gone are the days when residential lifts were only for the ridiculously wealthy. Home lifts are now an affordable home improvement for middle-income families, and they make life with a new baby so much easier.

The Pros and Cons of Various Roofing Choices

When it's time to get your roof replaced or when you're having a new home built and need to choose the materials for the roof, you may have more options than you realize. Standard asphalt tiles are still a favorite for homeowners, but you might consider some other materials as well. Note a few of these here and the pros and cons of each, and then discuss the best choice for your home with your roofing contractor.

How Laser Cutting Is Affected By Material Surface Condition

Laser cutting enables fabricators to cut a wide range of materials quickly and precisely. However, the cutting process can be hindered by the condition of the surface that is being cut. This article discusses how different surface conditions can affect the laser cutting process. Use this information to adjust your laser cutting settings and methods so that fewer defects occur in the cut materials. Corrosion Heavy materials, such as I-beams, are usually stored outdoors before fabrication processes are conducted on them.

Why Stainless Steel Meshes Are Better Than Brass Meshes

Are you wondering whether you should order stainless steel mesh sieves or brash mesh sieves for your food processing industry? Read on and discover some of the reasons why stainless steel meshes may be a better choice for you. Resistance to Rust People who own brass ornaments have to polish them regularly in order to retain the attractive appearance of the brass. The appearance becomes less attractive over time because brass oxidises as it is exposed to air.

3 Parameters That Affect the Quality of Welding Plastic

Many amateur plastic welders may complain to plastic manufacturers after observing poor welds each time that they try to weld pieces of plastic. Such complaints may be motivated by a mistaken belief that the plastic was defectively manufactured. However, the problem may be due to the welder's understanding of how different aspects affect the welding of plastic. This article discusses three important parameters that may affect the quality of a plastic welding job.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials to Consider

If you are considering a metal roof for your home, you're in for a treat. There are a lot of benefits to using metal, from fire-resistance to durability and safety. However, there are different types of metal roofing systems to choose from. Here are some common metal roofing materials and systems to think about when you are deciding on the best roof for your home. Steel Roofing Materials In terms of the type of metal, you will find many different types an option, though steel is often preferred.

Selecting the Perfect Spiral Welded Tubing for Commercial Drainage

Proper drainage is essential in commercial and industrial environments. Therefore, you should review your current drainage structure and consider upgrades as required. One of the critical elements that you should think about replacing or updating in your operation space is the drainage tubing. The drainage tubing system includes rainwater downpipes, industrial waste disposal channels and culvert tubing. There are numerous types of replacement drainage products in the market to consider for your building.

How to maintain your Wacker Neuson internal concrete vibrator

When working with concrete, like if you're building a new driveway or need to repair some of your already existing concrete structures on your property, an internal vibrator is a vital piece of equipment. It makes the concrete compact and makes sure there are no air bubbles in it, meaning there won't be any weak spots in it after it has hardened. However, to gain all advantages from an internal concrete vibrator, it's important it's maintained properly.

Key Requirements for Induction Bending

Induction bending has fast gained popularity in the industrial world as one of the most advantageous pipe bending techniques in the market. In induction bending, electricity is used to create a beam of heat in induction coils. This heats up a specific region along the metallic pipe as an arm arrangement gradually applies specified pressure on the pipe to bend it as necessary. Induction bending creates smooth bends with uniform material characteristics along the bend.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Sheeting or Film for a Project

Plastic sheeting may look identical when you're shopping in a home improvement supply store, but rest assured that all those different rolls of film will be very different once you get them home or to a jobsite; this makes it vital that you understand their differences. You might be surprised to find that certain types of sheeting don't hold up well under certain weather conditions or that they get damaged very easily and don't give you the protection you expected.

Some Questions You Might Have About Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a technique used for cleaning or etching certain surfaces, and it can be very effective for larger surfaces such as a parking lot or side of a building, or used on smaller pieces including gemstones. If you're looking for a very versatile way to etch or carve or even clean any surface, you might consider investing in sandblasting equipment. Note some questions you might have about the process and the equipment itself and then discuss these with a sales rep so you know you're getting the right equipment and understand what's involved in its use.

Sheet Metal Saviours: Choosing A Pre-Applied Coating For Sheet Steel

Contracting a metal fabrication service is the best way to ensure solid, professional fulfilment of your sheet steel fabrication needs. However, this service rarely comes cheap, so naturally, you'll want to ensure that your steel lasts as long as possible. With this in mind, metal fabricators offer a range of coatings to protect your steel from damage caused by moisture, salt and other corrosive chemicals -- these coatings are applied at the fabrication facility itself, ensuring high quality application and minimising your long-term maintenance concerns.

Factors to Consider When Specifying Balustrades for Your Home

Have you ever been disappointed after purchasing something that did not work in the way that you had thought it would? You can avoid a similar situation from happening to you when you order for a custom balustrade system for your residence. The following tips will help you to buy custom balustrades that will be perfect for your home. Consider Size of Your Home Balustrade systems should never be fabricated without paying due consideration to the size of a home.

Tools to use when working with plasterboard

Plasterboard is a common material used by many people doing renovation work in their homes. It's a wall material with both insulating and noise reducing qualities that can be used for both walls and ceilings. Plaster boarding isn't a very complicated procedure and can be done by most people that have some experience in home renovations. However, in order to do the best plaster boarding job possible, it's important you're using the right type of tools.

3 Safety Tips to Implement With High Speed Roller Doors After Installation

When shopping for rapid roller doors, there are a number of safety features you are likely to encounter like built-in sensors and radars that sense if anything is in the way of the door. These features can be lifesaving, but they are not the only safety elements you should consider. Once your door is installed, there are other safety measures you may want to implement. Take a look at these tips:

Coats Of Armour: Choosing A Protective Coating For Corrugated Steel Drainage Pipes

A subterranean drainage network of pipes and culverts is one of the most effective ways to achieve efficient, long-lasting ground drainage, and corrugated steel pipes are some of the best pipes to use to construct such a network. The great strength and durability of corrugated steel, however, does not provide much protection from the damage caused by corrosion, and to extend the lifespan of your pipes, you might consider having them coated, or purchasing pre-coated pipes.

Bird Netting as a Control Measure and Why It Is Important

If you want to create a physical barrier so as to prevent birds from nesting or landing, heavy duty bird netting can be your ultimate solution. Using this solution, you can also deter the birds from accessing areas where their presence is not desired. The nets come in various forms depending on their application. For instance, solar panel exclusion nets are for protecting solar panels from pest birds and animals; stainless steel wire mesh nets for barring nuisance birds and animals; mist nets are designed for capture and release of small bird species, and garden netting for protecting hungry birds from devouring your crops.

Handrails And Senior Citizens: 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Senior citizens continue to face unique challenges in their attempts to undertake day-to-day activities on their own. For a large number of senior citizens, mobility becomes a challenge when undertaking daily tasks in the early stages of their senior years. The installation of stainless steel handrails in different parts of the house is among the best ways to counter the challenge of mobility, thereby making life easier for the seniors. This article provides answers to two common questions about stainless steel handrails for the benefit of those who love grandma and grandpa.

Some Tips for Buying Replacement Truck Seats

The seats of your truck or jeep may get worn and tattered long before you're ready to replace the vehicle. It's not unusual for truck or jeep owners to put time and attention into the vehicle's engine, body, and other components, ensuring that it lasts for years if not decades, but seats may not be made with that same lifespan. If you take your truck off-roading or to the beach, those seats may also get dirty from mud, sand, and everything else you might track into the cab with you, and their springs may wear down quickly so they soon need replacing.

Reasons Why Concrete or Core Drilling is Always Best Left to Professionals

When it's time to cut through your home's basement wall to make a space for a new egress window or cut through the concrete floor to run plumbing pipes through the space, you might be tempted to handle this job on your own. However, there are some very good reasons why concrete cutting or any type of core drilling is best left to professionals, even for a seemingly minor job. Note why you should call a professional core driller or concrete cutter the next time you need the job done.

Need a New Kitchen Countertop and Splashback? Try Stainless Steel!

When it's time to update your kitchens countertops and splashback, or either one of these areas, you have a wide variety of choices available. While standard options like granite or a laminate may be popular, stainless steel is also quickly becoming a favorite for homeowners. If you've never thought about stainless steel countertops or splashbacks for your kitchen, note a few advantages and benefits this material offers. 1. Resiliency In the kitchen, your countertops and splashbacks are exposed to a wide variety of materials and hazards that can stain or damage them.

Restaurant Tips: How to Clean and Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator

If you have a commercial refrigerator in your restaurant kitchen, it is essential that you keep it in good working condition. This requires a combination of cleaning and maintenance tasks. Here are some tips to keep the refrigerator maintained so it continues working properly. Check the Door Seals Often One of the more important things to do with a commercial refrigerator is actually something many people forget about. The door seals, also called gaskets, help to keep the cool temperature inside the unit and keep the warm air out.

Quick Tips for Preparing for a Home Demolition Job

Having your home demolished can allow you to build a better home on the same site, or sell the land on its own if it's more valuable without an older home on it. Since you may not have ever gone through a home demolition job before, you may not know how to prepare your home and your site for the work. Your contractor may point out some things to do before the scheduled demolition date, but note these quick tips and then discuss them with your contractor.

Five Tips for Preventing Skip Bin Fires

Unfortunately, skip bins are not immune to fires, and a spate of fires in 2015 indicates that industrial bins can be especially prone to this risk. Want to protect your skip bin and your facility? Here are some fire safety tips to keep in mind: 1. Keep bins away from structures. Whether you are using a permanent bin or a skip you have hired for just a bit, make sure to position it away from structures.

Things to think about when wrapping pallets

The most important thing about working with goods shipped on pallets is the wrapping. Poorly wrapped pallets can cause the goods to tip over and break while they're being handled, causing an economical loss for the company as well as creating a safety threat for the people that might be nearby when it happens. Even though most transporting companies use pallet wrappers instead of handheld wrapping units, there is still a lot you can do as the one controlling the machine to make sure the pallet is properly wrapped.